Private House in Conservation Area
Wimbledon, London

This is a three storey Georgian terraced cottage in the centre of Wimbledon Village.

The new Kitchen was located on adjoining boundaries to maximize the width. A double glazed purpose made metal lantern was designed in the flat roof above the Kitchen/Dining area. The roof was covered with pavers and washed pebbles that provide interest when viewed from the windows above.

A glazed fully opening series of doors is positioned in the garden wall. When fully open the garden space becomes part of the inside space. This is an invaluable feature to our Clients.

A slate floor in the purpose designed Kitchen houses a small circular wine cellar. During the construction, drainage was unearthed and adapted to facilitate a small downstairs cloakroom.

This is a complicated and successful extension maximising the limited footprint. The materials and finishes are of high quality.

John Deacon Architec
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