Private House
Barnes, London

This project is on the site of a stable block, now demolished, to a Regency house.

The western wing of the 68 metre long building, is single storey and houses the Entrance Hall and large Kitchen/Dining space facing the garden and Beverly Brook. Next to the Entrance Hall is the double height Music Room, with curved brick walls, used for concerts. Beyond is a two storey building with a Study and Living Room on the Ground Floor and three Bedrooms above. An Annex with two Courtyards and three further Bedrooms is attached to the east.

The various elements of the building are unified by the use of stock bricks with precast stone entablature, often curved in plan and height to create accent to the long site. Consideration had to be given to aircraft noise as the site is below a flight path.

The project was complicated by 15No party wall awards, restricted access and existing tree preservation orders.

Music Room
John Deacon Architec
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